About Us

Located in Florida, our production facility specializes in producing museum quality canvas prints, using high quality materials and 1.5 inch real wood bars. Every print is hand assembled and fine tuned, then given a final inspection prior to shipping.

Due to the increased demand for intimate prints and the refusal of many companies to do so, we have developed our business to specialize in producing prints of a private nature. We offer an affordable high quality product to the customer, and a private and discreet service, printing personal and intimate pictures onto canvas.

The importance of your privacy is a very high priority to us, so you can be assured that very few people will see your print during the production process. The uploaded images will be deleted immediately after the canvas print has been completed and quality checked. For additional privacy there will be no name association with the picture as we use a number system.

It’s so easy to do! Simply take pictures using your smart phone and upload them to us. We will do the rest and return to you a beautiful print to keep forever!

 Our Canvases

It's Your Turn!

Today our smart phones and electronic devices have high resolution cameras which if nothing else is available are quite suitable for producing a canvas in most sizes. There really isn’t the need for expensive photography when its highly likely you already have the necessary tools at hand. Some of our best shared moments are random and not everyone has a professional photographer on speed dial so its important we make the best of any shared opportunities.

Why Choose Intimate Canvas?

There are of course thousands of websites that offer a printing service to send your photo and have it stretched onto a canvas, but it should be noted that many companies could find your image offensive and there is a good chance it will be refused and may even be reported to the police or even worse they could bring a law suit against you for offending their staff! Because we specialize in this type of print there is no need to worry about any of the above, censorship or your privacy with us. Canvas art of a personal nature makes a great gift and brings character to any space. Intimate canvas allow prints as personal as you require. The personal data of our clients are stored separately from any photographs sent to us. All images are destroyed once canvas is produced. Your wall space deserves your personal stamp and we can facilitate your inner most fantasies.

We accept the following images:

  • Male or Female Anatomy
  • Full Nudes
  • Couples or Groups
  • LGBT
  • Close Up Photography
  • Glamour Modeling
  • Adult Fun
  • Sexual Poses

We do NOT accept the following images:

  • Underage Material
  • The Appearance of Underage Material
  • Real Violence
  • Material that Violates the Law